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Consulting Services: Business Excellence Solutions

Pinnacle has a proven track record of over a decade of championing business excellence through true culture transformations in small, medium and large businesses in U.S., Canada, Africa, Malaysia, Latin America, Mexico and Europe using pioneering techniques. Pinnacle innovative solutions for breakthrough positive transformation have been applied to:

  • Governments
  • Corporations
  • Small & Medium-sized businesses, and
  • Individuals

Pinnacle has pioneered the following advances for business excellence:

  • Permanent Breakthrough Transformation ™ (PBT) Model
    for business excellence
  • The 12 Pillars Business Excellence Assessment tool
  • The Power of Visualization ™
  • Science of Simplicity ™
  • Dynamic risk leadership ™
  • Dynamic project failures analysis ™

Pinnacle’s ‘Permanent Breakthrough Transformation™’
Model for Business Excellence

1. People

Unless people are ‘self-aware’ and ‘self-motivated’ to implement solutions, all initiatives will fail in the long run. As more people are truly transformed, the DNA (culture) of the corporation will also be positively impacted in all areas which will include safety, medical costs, customer satisfaction, growth and profit margins.

2. Processes

Inefficiencies and sub-optimization in processes and systems (manufacturing, business and supply chain) can frustrate the employees, drive away customers and ruin a business. Until process improvement, optimization and waste reduction becomes second nature and a ‘behavior’ trait to all employees, lean, six sigma and other initiatives may provide only some short-term benefits.

3. Business Strategy

Using creativity, innovation and excellence as an integral part of business strategy is critical to long term success. The bigger the corporation, the more difficult it gets to get focus, consensus, alignment and clear communication regarding business strategy, goals & objectives. Businesses need to learn the ‘way of the cheetah’ i.e. design a simple structure, a clear and concise strategy which is executed with utmost speed and passion. Even if the strategy fails – they need to learn to refine the Strategy and re-execute with similar passion. The key is the simplicity of the business strategy and organizational structure which will allow it to execute the strategy with greatest velocity.

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