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Pinnacle Performance Zone ™

Sales price: $1,199.00

A zone where optimal performances and breakthroughs are achieved by teams and individuals

A self-regulated optimal performance training environment at your fingertips


Pinnacle Performance Zone™ (PPZ) is where new ideas flow, breakthroughs happen, and professional growth of team members and success on the job are celebrated.

You clearly see the immediate result of changes to your state-of-mind: the impact of stress on your performance.  You learn to change habits on your own terms, in a fun and engaging way.

With Pinnacle Performance Zone as your partner, you can truly identify and reach your pinnacle performance.

With the full suite of Workshops, Events, and Virtual Environments, you are trained to:

  • Understand the stressors impacting your state of mind
  • Measure your stress level
  • Train yourself at your own level and pace
  • Restore balance, resilience, and vitality
  • Improve physical and mental well-being
  • Improve focus, concentration, and memory
  • Improve productivity, performance, and teamwork


Beyond the Computer


PPZ is not just about computers! Your PPZ User Guide includes the multi-disciplinary PPZ & Beyond 8-Week Program.  The PPZ & Beyond 8-Week Program has been developed to help you get the most out of PPZ, bringing in off-screen concepts and exercises to complement the PPZ software.

You may want to follow PPZ & Beyond exactly or tailor it to your needs. Either approach is fine and will help you in your journey toward stress relief and peak performance.

The PPZ Main Menu is the "dashboard" from which you can choose to play games, explore environments, or take workshops to help you achieve smoother heart rate variation, learn how to breathe more evenly, and much more.

The PPZ Coach helps you train effectively using a wide variety of workshops such as: Advanced Breathing, Graph Training, Progressive Muscle Relaxation, Mindfulness, and more. The workshops use audio as well as visuals, and offer great flexibility of use. Shown above is the Paced Breathing Workshop, which allows the user to optimize their breathing rate with the help of an animated visual, a breath pacer, and a smoothness graph.

PPZ games are many and varied, to suit people of all ages and personalities. Challenge yourself to stay "in the zone" as you make "miracles" happen on your screen.

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