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A Legacy Driven Life

Sales price: $14.95

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A Legacy Driven Life: Live a Legacy to Leave a Legacy

Adil F. Dalal, CEO, Pinnacle Process Solutions Intl. ®, Austin, Texas, USA

ISBN: 9780988572102
Publisher: Pinnacle Process Solutions Intl. ®, LLC
Publication Date: June 20, 2013
Number of Pages: 144


Kindle Version
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  • Conveys a convincing perceptive into the question of “why-to” leave a legacy
  • Provides a cutting-edge and breakthrough methodology for planning a legacy
  • Helps in designing a profound legacy using a detailed step-by-step “how-to” guide.
  • Addresses approaches to overcoming the roadblocks to leading a legacy driven life
  • Inspires people from all walks of life to lead a legacy driven life and transform the dash into infinity
  • Shares amazing stories of individuals living extra-ordinary legacies through interviews with Rob Bryant, Tom Cunningham, Sherry Unwala, Billy Billimoria, and Izzy Gesell


Every human being has an immense latent potential and is genetically engineered for success. However, for the potential to be realized, one needs a definite goal or purpose. Sadly, today a vast majority of the world population lacks a definite purpose in life. A “legacy” provides the definite purpose to individuals and acts as a “north star” and a “lighthouse”, keeping us on a steady path through the ups and downs of life. Leaving a legacy is not an afterthought or an accident. Leaving a legacy requires one to live a legacy driven life. Today as we experience global economic and social upheaval on an unprecedented scale, there is an immediate need for all corporate and national leaders to learn how to lead a legacy driven life themselves and encourage their teams to design and live their own personal legacies to ensure accelerated growth of individuals, corporations and nations. This book is very unique as it provides a step-by-step formula of creating a “gold-standard” legacy by utilizing the V-Factor™ or the immense energy which comes from using the Power of Visualization™. Using this special formula and the inspiration from interviews with some amazing individuals, we all can learn to lead a legacy driven life of higher purpose, and leave a legacy of positive thoughts, positive words and positive actions for our future generations.

Initial Praise for the Book:

I really enjoyed your work. What a fantastic resource you have penned here. I must say that I am a firm believer in learning from other people’s life experiences. I really think you are on to something with your book. In our society today we do need wisdom like yours to be passed on so that people begin to open their eyes to life. The way you share your stories and wisdoms and present your ideas and findings is great! You have such a nice style of writing. Your words come across with a certain experience that I cannot put into words. I can tell that you have done a significant amount planning and preparation in crafting your work. You have really considered your audience in your writing by adding details and adding a voice that is simply wonderful – very familiar and easy to follow. You have crafted an excellent piece here; one that should be well received by a wide audience. It really seems like you live and breathe what you write about. This really does a lot for your credibility. Bravo on a piece well crafted! AND I must say that I love the interactive nature of your book. Those are always the best… they let you process and make sense of the material right when it is fresh in your mind. Glad you made this book a reflective tool.

- Lisa Conner, Manuscript Reviewer

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Changing the Dash to Infinity

1.1 The Quest for Our “True North”
1.2 Current Planetary Chaos
1.3 Our Path Out of the Chaos
1.4 The Power of One
1.5 Making a Choice for Oneself
1.6 The Symbol of Eternal Life
1.7 Living a Legacy

Chapter 2: The Importance of Living a Legacy-Driven Life

2.1 Why Leave a Legacy?
2.2 An Example of a Simple yet Powerful Legacy
2.3 Importance of Leading a Legacy-Driven Life
2.4 The Power of a Legacy

Chapter 3: Designing a Personal Mission & Vision Statement

3.1 Defining Success
3.2 Defining a Legacy
3.3 A Personal Vision and Mission Statement
3.4 Designing a Legacy

Chapter 4: Designing a Gold Standard Legacy

4.1 Designing a Gold-Standard Legacy
4.2 Legacies That Have Touched Your Life
4.3 Legacy I Wish to Be Remembered For
4.5 Discovering Your Final Legacy
4.6 The Power of the V-Factor™
4.7 Building a Runway for Your Legacy

Chapter 5: Go Live Your Legacy!

5.1 Looking Forward
5.2 Your Legacy as Your Eternal Guide
5.3 The Importance of Living a Legacy
5.3 Updating Your Legacy
5.5 Go Live Your Legacy!

Chapter 6: Some People I Know Who Are Living a Legacy

6.1 Rob Bryant∞
6.2 Tom Cunningham∞ (Tom2Tall)
6.3 Sherry Unwala∞
6.4 Billy Billimoria∞
6.5 Izzy Gesell∞ (Part 1)
6.6 Izzy Gesell∞ (Part 2)


The Legacy Driven Life, by Adil F. Dalal is a must-read for those who find themselves struggling for direction in their lives. Adil’s book shows the need and importance of changing the dash that appears between your date of birth and date of death to an infinity symbol, “∞”. He not only outlines the importance of living a legacy driven life that will live on well past your last day on earth, but takes the reader through a step by step process for visualizing one’s personal mission and vision statements in order to design a “Gold Standard Legacy”. Adil doesn’t end there. A mission and vision are pointless without moving forward and living your gold standard legacy. He gives guidance as to how to continue on course, using your mission and vision statements as the North Star and lighthouse to keep you on course. He gives several ideas for keeping yourself from being discouraged when there is resistance or you find the going difficult. He ends the book with examples of five people who overcame incredible odds in order to live a legacy driven life.

Adil’s work is inspiring. It is very much needed in our world today, because so many people are out of touch with living any sort of life that goes beyond mere existence. As Adil points out in The Legacy Driven Life, only 5% of people have any sort of plan or goal for living their life and only 1% ever achieves their goals. In today’s troubled times, the number on the other end, the 95%, are weighing down the rest of the world. If we are to truly recover from the difficult times that we face, it will take a much larger percentage of people reaching for and achieving “Gold Standard Legacies” for our world to survive and continue on through the twenty first century. This book is highly recommended as a guide to get one started on course for not only leaving behind a living legacy, but for living that legacy. It should not only be on the shelves of every corporate executive and political leader, but it should also be in their hands, being practiced and taught throughout their organizations.

- Bill Howard, Readers' Favorite

A Legacy Driven life drives home the importance of living your life to create an impact on your family, community, country and the world that outlives you and makes the world a better place because you have lived. Unfortunately, most people do not even consider their legacy because only about 5% of the population have written goals. If people with written goals decide on their Legacy before creating their goals, it will help them accomplish a lot more with their lives. If you want your life to count for something, read the book and share it with people close to you.

- Tom 2 tall Cunningham, Napoleon Hill Certified Instructor

Every single person was created for a purpose and reason. Mark Twain said "The two most important days of your life are the day you were born.. and the day you find out why". A Legacy Driven Life gives you steps to design and live a legacy so that, long after you die, people will be thankful you lived. Read and devour the book and make your life count for something beyond yourself and your family.

- Kim Cunningham from Amazon

Adil Dalal's Book has strengthened my vision for my legacy. The stories of all the people portrayed ,brings to mind, that we all have a purpose in Life. Mr. Dalal's visualization techniques are very powerful and motivational. Life is best lived in service to others. This book should be read by all. Adil reminds us that we ALL are important and we ALL have something to give, to leave behind. He leads you through the steps and encourages you to see the good in yourself. I thank Adil Dalal for sharing his knowledge and his techniques with the world. I plan to get this book as gifts to my family and friends.

- Sue from Amazon

A Legacy Driven Life is a great book to read. Adil Dalal tackles a critical topic that ought to resonate with every human being on earth irrespective of geographical location, social status, academic achievements, marital status and so forth. The author highlights the urgency of living a life of impact, and leaving a legacy. Adil provided practical and relevant principles on how to live a life of impact using daily experiences of people to support his claim. His book has definitely contributed new imagination to the body of knowledge. I recommend A Legacy Driven Life to anyone who dares to dream--because after reading this book, it confirmed what Neville Gorddard said "A change of feeling is a change of destiny." Therefore, by reading A Legacy Driven Life, it will positively change your world and people around you.

- Julio I. Agbanyim from Amazon

If you are stuck at a railway station, standing at the platform and watching the trains pass by, not knowing what to do next, contemplating on which train to catch next, if at all; then you need to pick up this book, study it and implement it as Adil guides you through the steps in "A Legacy Driven Life". The steps identified are not much different than what legacy driven Corporation have used and as a result are successfull and idealised, and forever providing great value to their customers. Adil has provided 5 simple but powerful steps one needs to take to get on the train to Infinity and leave that mundane station that you find yourself today. So read the book, take the first step to catch the train to Infinity and the rest is history........ YOU ARE SURE TO LEAVE A LEGACY!

- BOLD EAGLE from Amazon

I got at least 2 major insights from Adil's careful deconstruction of "legacy" and the sharing of the many paths to making a lasting impact on others. First, after reading the stories of those Adil interviewed (including myself) I realized that we are not always aware of how our lives impact other people and that what we might consider "just an ordinary part of my life" can seem heroic or extraordinary to others. Since we may not be aware of how we impact others, we may as well do the best we can for ourselves and the legacy then follows from the way our path is perceived by others.

Secondly, I found Adil's "recipe" approach to understanding and crafting a legacy very helpful is sharing with others how they might understand their own possibilities. To paraphrase Henry Ford, I would say "Whether you think you can or think you cannot (craft a lasting legacy) you are right.

- Israel Gesell, "Organizational Alchemist"

I really liked this book. It's the type you can start reading on any page and get interested. Adil Dalal lays out how to leave a legacy - how to make best use of your time in the short time we all have in this life. It is filled with stories and ancedotes, which makes it easy reading. It changed me for the better.

- CE from Amazon

What Adil Dalal has provided to the world, in this book, is profound! He has provided a relatively simple and straightforward approach to doing something that each of us should consider as we approach the twilights of our lives. Having already achieved "three score and ten", I have personally been considering what I can leave behind that will provide more than a fleeting memory that I ever existed. I have achieved success in education having earned advanced degrees in two fields, Industrial Engineering and Education. I have achieved success in employment, having retired twice, once after 32 years as an Engineer, Technical Trainer, and Quality Professional for one of the largest manufacturing companies in the world, and once as a Submarine Qualified Navy Captain having served 27 years with the United States Navy, and for several years, I have served as a Volunteer Leader in one of the largest professional associations in the world. I have trained, presented, and/or published on three (3) continents, and, with my Wife Susan,I leave behind three (3) grown children and five (5) grandchildren (so far) and yet, all of these achievements will be merely "footprints in the sands of time", unless I develop a legacy that will live beyond my years, and the memories of my children and grandchildren. I believe that in his book, Adil Dalal, has provided a straight forward method for identifying what that legacy might be, and how to begin creating it. Now that I have read the book, I am looking forward to participating in workshops that will help me achieve what Mr. Dalal has suggested.

- Donald L. Smith from Amazon

I seldom write book reviews but in this case, the book motivated me enough to write one. If you ask most people, they would say that they would like to leave the earth a better place, even in a small way, when they die. But except for a few, most go back to the drudgery of their lives without making any changes, as it seems too big an effort and there are loads of distractions on the path. Along comes a book like "A Legacy Driven Life", which not only inspires but also provides a framework as to how you can go about achieving your goal about leaving a unique legacy. Adil Dalal, seems to be someone who has succeeded in his legacy, and now provides a hand to others with a step by step formula that seems easily doable.

Overall, "A Legacy Driven Life" is a well-crafted, excellent book with an insightful tool for designing a legacy, which will appeal to a fairly wide audience. The remarkable stories in it are inspiring to say the least. Definitely a must read for the people of all ages as you have to start building your legacy early in life rather than later.

- Cyrus Ira from Amazon

Do you have goals in your life? If you not have one, you must read this book to find out how you should set your goals and leave a legacy by living a legacy. This is one of the wonderful books you will ever read in your life. Some of the interviews are amazing and give the ins and outs of legacy driven lives.

- Blues from Amazon

A Legacy Driven Life: Live A Legacy to Leave A Legacy is the next book by the author of The 12 Pillars of Project Excellence, Adil F. Dalal. According to the author, he writes, “The goal of this book is three-fold: A. Dive deeper into the question of “Why" to leave a legacy. B. Provide a detailed “How to” guide to designing a profound legacy. C. Inspire people from all walks of life to lead a legacy-driven life through amazing stories of some ordinary individuals who are living an extra-ordinary legacy.”

This 141-page book is broken into 6 chapters, each subdivided into logical and informative sections. This makes for useful referencing of information and easy to find headings. Readers find out that “The V-Factor™ is the immense energy which comes from using the Power of Visualization™ to design and execute a powerful legacy.”

My initial reaction was that this was a bit too narcissistic for me. Immortality and world change because of my visualization? But this was instead insightful and creatively inspirational. I found that Dalal had some useful insights and not-so-arrogant objectives.

The step-by-step formula he lays out is affirmative, if not overly optimistic. It is inherently useful how he defines the problem and his proposed solution. He outlines how to implement a personal mission/vision statement, how to go out and live your legacy, and wraps up with real-life examples of successful individuals. Citing examples like Rosa Parks, da Vinci, Shakespeare, Galileo, and Neil Armstrong, Dalal points out how to live with what he terms the V-Factor™. This is a useful reference, citing examples, referencing works, and even links to websites.

- Scott Albert from Readers' Favorite

In A Legacy Driven Life, author Adil F. Dalal shares his ideas on how readers can design and also visualize their personal legacies in order to benefit future generations. He also shares wisdom drawn from great thinking leaders. What I enjoyed most about the book is the exercises readers can easily access. They can begin to work on their own legacy projects, and also explore what individual legacies are all about. Dalal points out pertinent statistics that help clarify why legacies have value. For example, a large percentage of the world’s population appear to lack a definite purpose to achieve. In like manner, he explains cogently that world leaders appear to lack a collective vision for peace, while corporations seem to ignore planning long-term goals. Readers will find Dalal underscores his points well by referring to the economic crisis in the world, and its causes and effects. With chaos looming and lack of individual purpose growing, many people become discouraged, hence there is a need for this book.

Dalal helps readers take the high road as he encourages them to focus on the Power of One, or the difference one action can make. I enjoyed reading the examples he provides: from Rosa Parks to Nelson Mandela to Gandhi. Dalal also focuses on the power of visualization and reminds the reader it is an effective but secret language of the brain. I appreciated the interviews with thought leaders who represent living examples of the legacy driven life. This is a motivational book that should be read by educators, parents, leaders, entrepreneurs, and readers who care about the future.

- Jackie O'Neal from Readers' Favorite

A Legacy Driven Life: Live A Legacy To Leave A Legacy was written by author, Adil F. Dalal. Have you ever wondered how you will be remembered? If you could write your own epitaph what would it say; is it realistic or are you fooling yourself? Will you be remembered long after you are gone and if so for what? Author, Adil F. Dalal suggests readers should live their legacy. By living our legacy, we have a reason to get up in the morning, we are motivated and inspired. Each person must define legacy for themselves.

Adil F. Dalal provides readers with 5 steps to design, live and leave a legacy. He also provides the following formula to overcome resistances while fulfilling your legacy:

1.Know the Purpose – Pursue It!
2.Winning Is a Habit – Cultivate it!
3.There Will Be Resistance – Face It!
4.Passion Is a Requirement – Show It!
5.Sky Is the Limit – Reach for It!

I like this book because it is encouraging. The author is correct in saying we should live our legacy. I’ll take it a step farther; we are living our legacy whether we know it or not. My favorite part of this book is the personal stories. They touched my heart. Rob Bryant, Tim Cunningham, Sherry Unwala, Billy Billimoria, and Izzy Gesell each have an incredible and inspiring story to share. There is an important message in this book told in a unique manner. The advice is easy to understand and to a large degree common sense. The book is part workbook for the author has conveniently left room for the reader to work on their own legacy plan.

- Anne Boling from Readers' Favorite

In A Legacy Driven Life, author Adil F. Dalal encourages readers to develop a “mission statement” or goal for their life, then he gives them the tools to live that goal. The author gives several examples of great people that have left the world a great legacy, like Abraham Lincoln and Rosa Parks. Some of us may go down in history for our legacy while others may only affect our own little part of the world. Author Dalal provides detailed instructions for planning and living your legacy. Leaving a legacy should not be an afterthought or taken lightly.
I like the message in this book. Adil F. Dalal encourages readers to think about their life and the way they live it. He provides a step by step plan for developing goals and for sticking to them. I consider this book one of positive reinforcement. My favorite part is the testimonies concerning the legacies of others. This book is easy to read and understand, and it will make a difference in the lives of those who read it and put it in action.

- Bernadette Acocella from Readers' Favorite

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