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Training Services from Pinnacle Process Solutions

Pinnacle provides world-class training and customized workshops at all levels of the organization, from the shop-floor to executive levels, in a classroom setting, hands-on or using webinars. The following are a few areas of training and workshops offered by Pinnacle:

Lean and Six Sigma Training and Workshops

Pinnacle Process Solutions, Intl ®, team consisting of global gurus of change management, process improvement, innovation, provide world-class training, workshops and certifications in the following areas:

The following are some of the workshops offered in Lean and Six Sigma:

  • Hoshin Kanri (Strategic Planning)
  • Manufacturing Value Stream Mapping (MVSM ™)
  • Business Process Value Stream Mapping (BVSM ™)
  • Eco-Chain ™ Value Stream Mapping
  • Comprehensive Cultural Assessment
  • 6S Training
  • Lean Kaizen events, including: Manufacturing Breakthrough event, Business Process Breakthrough event, Energy Conservation Kaizen (ECK ™), Quality Kaizen Event, Six Sigma Kaizen event, Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) and OEE, Set-up Reduction event, Materials and Kanban event, Supplier Kaizen event, Strategic Kaizen Event, Specialized Kaizen event (HR, IT, Finance, Culture)
  • Lean Kaikaku events, including: Pinnacle Flow ™ Cell Design, Pinnacle Flow ™ Kanban Design, iLean ® Technology *, Holistic Lean ® technology
  • Lean & Green events
  • Innovative Product Design
  • Vendor Management Strategy Using PM Principles
  • Management Kaizen for Result Sustainment
  • Lean strategy audit
  • Supplier Lean Six Sigma Assessment
  • Lean Technology Office Creation

Pinnacle also offers the following certifications:

  • Lean and Six Sigma Certification
  • Lean Board Game Training and Workshops
  • Custom Lean and Six Sigma Training

Pinnacle’s Adil Dalal is also a certified instructor and portfolio reviewer for ASQ, SME, AME and Shingo Prize Lean certification exams.

Business Excellence Training and Workshops

Pinnacle Process Solutions, Intl ®, provides world-class training, workshops and certifications in the following areas:

  • The 12 Pillars of Business Excellence workshop
  • Lean Project Leadership ™
  • Change Management Training
  • Project Management/Project Leadership Training
  • Leadership and Human Development Training
  • The 12 Pillars of Business Excellence Certification
  • Vendor Management Program
  • Custom Training and Workshops

Human Capital Enhancement Training

Pinnacle Process Solutions, Intl ®, provides world-class training, workshops and certifications in the following areas:

  • The Power of Visualization ™
  • iLean ® technology *
  • Integrated Lean Thinking ™
  • Creativity and Innovation Training
  • Stress Reduction Training Workshop using Pinnacle Performance Zone ™ technology
  • Optimized ‘Appreciating Assets’ Training

What Our Clients Are Saying

Douglas Furniture

“Pinnacle has exceeded our expectations through its ability to rapidly access the current situation and develop a clear and thorough roadmap for restructure.”

David Beard, COO Douglas Furniture

Stryker Endoscopy

“Adil trained our Operations Department on the concept of Flow Technology. An excellent trainer, Adil gave training sessions to all employees on DFT and lean manufacturing.”

Mark Lipscomb, Director of Human Resources, Stryker Endoscopy


“I have had the opportunity to work with Adil several times over the last few months and I have benefited greatly from it. He is very knowledgeable and well organized.”

Brett Young, Lean Sigma Coordinator

For more information on our professional training services, contact Pinnacle Process Solutions today!